How to login your personal account?

I have bought my e-tickets without signing up

First time you entered your phone number on Karabas.com has been created your personal account “Private office”. Your phone number is a login in your personal account.

How can I find a way to my personal account at Karabas.com?

You can do that at 2 simple steps:

1) Click on the text “Log in” in the top bar of Karabas.com

2) Then you need to enter your phone number and get SMS-code for authorization

At your private account you can download your e-tickets, choose a new delivery type or payment type for your reservations. Also you can change your personal data.

I did not get my e-ticket by email

Possible reasons:

  • The email you entered not valid
  • Your email is not available or not exist
  • Your email quota is overflow
  • Your mail service is blocking our letters
  • Our letter was marked as “Spam” and deleted

Solution: Log in your personal account at Karabas.com and download your e-tickets. Also you can change your email for our mail distribution.

NOTE that some payment systems send funds to us with some delay. Blocking (debiting) notification comes instantly but crediting to our financial account comes about 20 min. All of this time your tickets are in reserve status.

I bought this e-ticket not for myself and i need to change name on a e-ticket

Solution: Log in your personal account at Karabas.com and change name in the personal data. Then you should download your e-tickets again.

I have some troubles after my credit card data were entered

“Karabas” ticket agency do not have his own payment system. So receiving of funds is going on the payment system site. In a case of some kind of error at this step you should contact technical support of payment system.

I bought my e-tickets by mobile application but i can`t see them in my moblieapp or private account at Karabas.com or in my mailbox

You should to forward letter of successful payment from payment system to us support@karabas.com

I’ve got your letter with a links on my e-tickets and i can`t open them on my iPhone/iPad

You should press on the link until context menu appears. After that you should choose “Download file” item.

The event has been cancelled or date/venue has changed. So how can I get my money back?

You should write about it to sales@karabas.com. If you have Privatbank credit card you can write your card details in the letter.

I can`t get my SMS-code to log in at Karabas.com

  • It is possible that your mobile provider is overload at this time. So you will get your code soon.
  • Check the memory of your device that is possible it is overflow by SMS.
  • Check your your SIM-card or phone.
  • It is possible that your mobile provider made a prohibition on the incoming messages. This often happens in corporate rates.
  • Check phone number you have wrote.
  • If your problem didn’t solved still - please, notify us at support@karabas.com.

I want to buy some tickets. But after entered SMS-code I can`t see delivery types or payment types

  • You should clear your browser cache and cookies
  • If your problem didn’t solved still, please, notify us at support@karabas.com.
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