Dear customers!

Of highly importance!

Please, pay attention that, due to the new decree of the President of Ukraine #133/2017 from May 15, 2017 users of such mail services as mail.ru, yandex.ru, yandex.ua are NOT GUARANTEED to get their e-mails because of block of this services.

For further convenient using of our service You need to enter your Personal page, where you can change the e-mail address (not including the following: mail.ru, yandex.ru, yandex.ua, mail.ua, bk.ru, inbox.ru, list.ru, ya.ru, yandex.com, yandex.by, yandex.kz). Also, on Your Personal page You can download tickets, which could be sent to the blocked e-mails.

With best regards, KARABAS.COM team

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