Gift certificate from KARABAS.COM is a win - win option gift as a friend, and colleague. Plus certificate that the right choice of gift You give to whom the gift is intended.

certificates on
and give your friends a pleasant the ability to choose any the event like!

The Certificate can be exchanged for any tickets equivalent to the cost on the website or at the box office KARABAS.COM. Value (face value) gift certificates: 150, 250, 500, 1000 UAH.

KARABAS.COM guarantee Ukraine's largest selection of tickets for entertainment events such as concerts, shows, theatre shows, music festivals.

Visit a concert or performance is always great opportunity to get a boost of energy, to hear your favorite artists and see the real stars.

How to buy a gift certificate?

You can buy a voucher at any ticket office KARABAS.COM or order it by calling the call center. To purchase a certificate, you must choose the "gift certificate" and make a purchase in the same way as You make the purchase of tickets. To buy the certificate.

How to redeem a gift certificate for tickets?

You can redeem the gift certificate for tickets at any ticket office KARABAS.COM in the city of Kiev.

Important! to Exchange the certificate for tickets only at the box offices year of Kiev. In other cities of Ukraine currency podarocnij certificates fails.

Rules of an exchange gift certificate

• a Gift certificate can be exchanged for tickets for all entertainment events held at the offices and on the website according to denomination;
• Please note that gift the certificate can be used within its validity period specified in the certificate;
• If the sum of the selected ticket is less than the cost of the certificate, the other virtues are not refundable;
• If the certificate holder chooses tickets, the cost of which exceeds the amount specified in it, the difference must be paid in cash;
• a Gift certificate to exchange for cash or non-refundable, it can be exchanged only nobility;
• to Redeem a gift certificate to ticket once, when the currency in cash, a gift certificate may be withdrawn in the exchange on the website is cancelled;
• a Gift certificate cannot be recovered in case of loss.

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