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5.08.2015: Gloss.ua had a conversation with an expert who knows almost everything about the entertainment industry of Ukraine. In today's interview with the head of the Ukrainian Association of organizers of entertainment events, the founder of the largest ticket operator КARABAS.COM Maxim Plahtiy will tell about the situation on the national scene, and answer the age-old question music fans: to be or not to be the concerts of world stars of show business in Ukraine.
25.07.2015: Founder ticketing Agency Karabas.com Maxim Plahtiy about what is happening on the live market and when returned to the stars of the first magnitude
09.07.2015: it is Expected that the third generation, despite the difficult economic crisis, yet positive impact on the market e-Commerce. Founder ticketing Agency Karabas.com Maxim Plahtiy shared with Delo.UA his expectations on that score
18.06.2015: Ukrainian market of tickets for cultural events entered into a deep dive, writes IGate. The actual loss is 20% of the country, hostilities, radical devaluation of the hryvnia and a catastrophic decline in the purchasing power of the population has led to the fact that 95% of Western and Russian artists ceased to go to Ukraine, and the annual market turnover fell from 2.5 billion USD. in 2013 to a projected 1 billion UAH. by the end of 2015. However, all these events gave a powerful impetus for the development of Ukrainian musical projects. All key ticket sellers interviewed IGate, state that has never Ukrainian performers were not so popular and in demand in the country.
17.06.2015: Karabas.com in partnership with kartina.tv launched the ticketing operator in Germany
26.03.2015: Maxim Plahtiy, founder ticketing Agency Karabas.com: "the market showbiz crisis affected particularly badly – the number of events has decreased ten times.
03.03.2015: Maxim Plahtiy, owner Karabas.com got this project for the debts and at first didn't know anything about ticket sales for the event. Despite this, he managed to create one of the largest in Ukraine services in the sale of electronic tickets. According to him, the secret of success in creating a quality IT product that allows you to attract competitors and make them partners. But how it will develop Karabas.com during the crisis, when the market fell by almost ten times? How to keep the business, why you should not go into politics and who needed "flushing" Karabas, Plahtiy said in an interview with IGate.
25.02.2015: Russian promoter Michael Shurygin has quit the war-torn Ukrainian market, amid allegations that he and a number of his fellow countrymen haven't made refunds for cancelled shows due to the unrest.
09.02.2015: Tickets.ua started selling concert tickets in partnership with Karabas.com

From January 2015 the largest Ukrainian service of online ticket sales Tickets.ua began selling tickets to entertainment events from the company Karabas.com. Under the terms of the partnership agreement between the companies Karabas.com as bilatteral will Commission pay sold through Tickets.ua tickets.
5.02.2015: E-commerce due to turbulent hryvnia drop
16.01.2015: Maxim Plahtiy, founder ticketing Agency Karabas.com and Dmitry Prikordonny, Director of ticket services, about the new rules of the game, which forced to change the business model to not just stay afloat, but thrive. And the promoters of the Scam and who can really replace foreign artists.
By the end, the Reporter asked the experts from different fields of culture, asked them to bring creative and economic results of 2014 and predict trends that we can expect next year. General conclusion: Ukrainian culture had tight, the near future looks heavy, but in the end will be good
10.12.2014: AIN.UA starts a new topic: from time to time we will attract leading experts uanet to the evaluation of the redesign of some well-known project. The first test in the new section will be ticketing service Karabas.com that launched a new version of its website about a month ago.
18.11.2014: global market integration of ticketing services with touring companies. Plahtiy
14.04.2014: Ukrainian Association of direct marketing released a study on e-Commerce market in 2013 and the first half of 2014 with a forecast for 2015. KARABAS.COM leader ticket market.
Information about KARABAS.COM appeared on http://mappedinua.com map of Ukrainian startups, business accelerators, IT companies, web studios. The purpose of the website is the integration of the Ukrainian IT community in the world community. http://mappedinua.com
Founder of the service KARABAS.COM Maxim Plahtiy in his blog on forbes.ua told, how many lost concert organizers due to their withdrawal
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